How to revert and apply a Magento security patch

How to revert and apply a Magento security patch

Recently Magento released a Magento Security Patch patch for all Magento sites 1.6 and above. However, the next day another critical patch was released for 1.9 and developers were advised to revert the original patch and apply the new/updated patch.

Initially I thought this would be tricky but it was actually quite simple which is why I thought I would share this bit of information.

All you needed to do was download the 2 patches and run the first patch with “-R” to revert the patch and then run the second Magento Apply and Revert Patches.

So for example I renamed the original patch as “” and the updated patch as “” I would run the following from the terminal in the root of the Magento site:

sh - R

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    Great Read! I am impressed on how you make your article easy to understand. I’ll come back for more :D

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