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Hi I am Colin Murphy. I am a Web Developer based in Cork. I work for StudioForty9 and specialize in Magento and PHP. Please feel free to contact me on twitter at colinfm or email at colin[@]

How to revert and apply a Magento security patch

Recently Magento released a Magento Security Patch patch for all Magento sites 1.6 and above. However, the next day another critical patch was released for 1.9 and developers were advised to revert the original patch and apply the new/updated patch….

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How to change the default Magento placeholder search text

Recently on a project I was working on I needed to change the default placeholder text for Magento. After spending some time trying to figure out where to change the text I decided that I would write a quick blog…

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Blackjack Code Kata

Recently I have been learning Test Driven Development. TDD as its known is a practice for writing and testing your code. It relies on the developer to write very small cycles of code in repetition. As I was learning I…

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How I fixed Homebrew PHP complier error with Mac OSX 10.9 update

A few weeks I updated to Mac OSX 10.9. A few days later I wanted to install PHP 5.5 and when I tried using homebrew which I already had installed I got the following error: configure: error: Don’t know how…

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Alternatives to the If Else Statement in PHP

When I started programming on the first fundamentals I learned was the If Else Statement. The structure for the code for this is as following: if(Conditional Statement) { // Do Something Here } else { // Do Something Different Here…

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