How to change the default Magento placeholder search text

How to change the default Magento placeholder search text

Recently on a project I was working on I needed to change the default placeholder text for Magento. After spending some time trying to figure out where to change the text I decided that I would write a quick blog post, hopefully helping others who may also have ran into the same problem.

Please note this change was made on Magento 1.9.0 and might differ on older versions of Magento.

By default Magento’s search placeholder text is “Search entire store here…”.

In order to change it you need to create a new CSV fileĀ “translate.csv” in the locale directory of your theme e.g. app/design/frontend/{{package}}/{{theme}}/locale/en_US

* Please note en_US needs to be the language of your store.

You then needĀ to add the following to the CSV and replace the second line of text.

"Search entire store here...","New Placeholder text here"

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